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WebSphere Application Server - Express
"Pathways to Success on the Web"
By Bob Cancilla and Kevin Postreich
This book introduces not only the server but IBM's implementation of Java Server Faces (JSF) and WDO to simplify Java Web development for everyone, not just expert Java programmers!

Get more information and Buy the Book!


iSeries News and Events by IGNITe/400.....
New Power AIX User Community...If you are using AIX on System i this may be of interest to you.

The Global PowerAIX Community is the information hub for Power and AIX users, partners, IT professionals and business users. It offers a forum for participants to communicate experiences, ideas and technical expertise related to the use of IBM POWER and AIX 5L products and related issues.
 Want to know more?

13th Annual OCEAN System i5 Technical Conference and Vendor Expo..."Catch the Wave" to the best educational value in the West! Have you heard of EGL, SOA, PHP, and CGI, but don't know how these products could benefit your company and your career? Register now for the OCEAN User Group's Tech Conference, featuring training sessions on eBusiness Web Tools, System i5 Application Development, iSeries Security and Infrastructure, and Microsoft Products. You'll learn from leading IT educators including Jon Paris and Susan Gantner of Partner400, George Farr, Alison Butterill, Doug Mack, Malcolm Haines, and Bob Cancilla of IBM; Al Barsa of Barsa Consulting Services, Paul Holm of Planet-J, Craig Pelkie of Bits & Bytes, Dave Brown of Vision Solutions, and John Earl of PowerTech. Members of OCEAN and other IT User Groups qualify for a special member registration rate of only $175, before July 1. This fee includes a full day of training, continental breakfast, lunch, all conference materials, and an OCEAN 512mb flash drive!

Discover the latest eBusiness tools and solutions and the Vendor Expo! Find out how the experts view the future at a special Panel Discussion! Managers will be able to view the latest products and services at the Vendor Solutions Expo featuring over 32 premier System i5 and iSeries vendors. The panel discussion will provide an opportunity to find out what you need to know from leaders in the IT field. Both the Vendor Expo and the Panel Discussion are free and open to the public. If you want to be a part of the biggest gathering of System i5 and iSeries Professionals in the West, you'll be at the Hyatt Regency Irvine on Tuesday, July 11, 2006! Please contact Bob Langieri at staff@ocean400.org or 949.240.0438, or visit www.ocean400.org for more details.
 Want to know more?

Morpheus Webinar on EGL another Secret IBM Tool...Have you seen EGL mentioned on IBM sites and wondered what it can do for you. Well join in the Morpheus Webinar on Thursday 11th May and we will attempt to show you how it works and build some sample code. Its a very interesting tool that will build Java while you focus on what your business solution needs. Want to know more?

Tomcat Installer for System i...Would you like to download and install the latest version of Tomcat on your iSeries? Concerned about the learning curve or compatiblity issues and how exactly to do it?

RJS Software has solved the problem and in keeping with the spirit of open source has contributed their installer as open source.

Download the documentation and latest build of Apache Tomcat bundled into the installer from the following links:

Installer and Tomcat

Many thanks to Richard Schoen, President RJS Software Systems and his folks for maintaining the open source tradition! Want to know more?

WDSc Tip...In the "did you know" category... Did you know that you can open Help and Tutorials in a separate browser window on your desktop? Just go to the Windows menu item, select Preferences, then Help. Click the check box that states: Always use external browsers.

This will open the help or tutorials in a separate browser session that can be accessed even when the WDSc is in a "modal state" and locks up the workspace.
 Want to know more?

IBM Easy WebSite Builder -- See the Movie!...Join IBM in its expedition to design a new breed of software. IBM Easy Website Builder - early edition. Click more... link to watch a movie about this exciting new software. Follow the link in the movie to download and test it.

 Want to know more?

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