Net.Data Macro Examples
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Some browser notes about this page:

Netscape browsers can view the source files without problem all the way back to release 2.0. This is because Netscape honors the MIME types we have defined to the server for .MAC and .HTI. You may experience some difficulty with Microsoft I.E. browsers. We have been able to use MS/I.E. by creating a file association on our PC's between .MAC and .HTI with our favorite text editors. MS/I.E. then looks at the extension .MAC or .HTI and invokes the text editor.


View Macro Source

Run the Macro (ignmark.jpg (767 bytes)-- recent update)

ndupload.mac ignmark.jpg (767 bytes) File Upload this has been updated and shows the upload, copy and remove functionality built into Net.Data. You drop a file onto the 400 and its then copied to another area and its very simple to implement. - a zip file containing the files you need. The online chat room powered by Net.Data you need to be a member for this one as it uses that for your identifier.
bc_cookie.mac bc_cookie.mac demonstrates Net.Data's DTW_SETCOOKIE and DTW_GETCOOKIE built-in functions. This is the sample code from the Net.Data reference guide.
bc_form_demo.mac is provided in response to questions on the forum to questions on how Net.Data handles form fields. The sample form contains all supported HTML form elements and the macro illustrates how Net.Data parse the result from the field, implicitly instantiates the variables with values. This macro will be enhanced in the future to demonstrate the use of DTW_WORD functions to parse check box fields, multiple select boxes, and handle CRLF's in text fields.

xml.mac sample showing use of XML and parsing the result and output in a Net.Data macro. One thing to note is to serve out XML responses you need to turn of headers and serve the correct content type on the page. To do this set DTW_PRINT_HEADER="NO" and then put the following as the first line after your macro section start point no spaces at all setting the content that follows to XML.

Content-Type: text/xml



VLDLDEMO demonstrates a macro that calls the sample programs provided in the sample code area of IGNITe/400 to add a user to an HTTP server validation list. Use this as a model to build macros that let a user register, delete themselves, change their passwords, and possibly display a list of of users. We have provided this sample by popular demand. We will enhance it with additional functions over the next few weeks.
bc_select.mac bc_select.mac demonstrates two methods of building dynamic <select ... tags using data retrieved from a database table. The first method is the most flexible and use the %Report block. The second method using DTW_TB_SELECT provides much better performance.



gspgmcall.mac is a macro that demonstrates how to call a C program using Net.Data's DTW_DIRECTCALL interface and also how to call the program using SQL Stored Procedures. NOTE: you must first run the gscrtsp.mac/create macro to create the stored procedure on your system ONCE before you can call stored procedures in you application macro.

calc_float.txt is the C++ source for the program called by gspgmcall.mac.

bc_bif.mac bc_bif.mac demonstrates the different forms of Net.Data macro built-in functions. DTW_xxx, DTW_Rxxx, and DTW_Mxxx.
test_refresh.mac test_refresh.mac is a really simple Net.Data macro that demonstrates how to insure that your server does NOT cache a macro page when a macro links to itself or to a previously executed macro. This can be a real problem with the IBM HTTP Server V4R3 and above which complies with HTTP 1.1 rules for caching and expiration. It is NOT a problem with the server, but rather a problem with the HTTP 1.1 specification that you as a designer MUST deal with. The key to making this macro work is the meta tags (see the source).



dynenvvars.mac is an example of the all new V4R4 Net.Data dynamic variable feature. It displays all environment variables supported by the HTTP Server along with any query string passed to it. The logic for this macro is in the INCLUDE file.

dynenvvarsinc.hti is the Net.Data include file which contains a list of the environment variables and the dynamic logic to display them. Look at the MACRO_FUNCTION!


persist.mac is an example of using Net.Data's implementation of persistent CGI. It creates a psuedo conversational environment where variables are preserved accross invocations. Pay particular attention to the DTW_RTVHANDLE and assignment of "newhandle" to "handle". This assignment allows the macro to use the same session handle accross all invocations and allows the back and forward browser buttons to work correctly.

smtp.mac Run SMTP.MAC to see Net.Data's new DTW_SENDMAIL in action. Net.Data can now send e-mail from within a macro.


Macro to act as a page access counter. This can be seen in action through a counter.htm running on the websphere server.


Call Net.Data with SSI - HTML Page calling SSI EXEC                                                     


Macro that we call from the HTML Page via SSI


Welcome to Net.Data's World


Basic Variable Handling


Basic SQL


Basic SQL with Formating



Call an RPG/ILE Program

RPG Source for Date Calculation Program



Call a REXX Program

REXX Source for Number Formatting Program


Using Macro Functions


Maintain Inventory Example

  • Include file to update inventory
  • Include file to add a product to the inventory


START_ROW Processing Example


Display Environment, Query_String, & STDIN



Handles CRLF Problem on A Browser

Include file to translate CRLF's to "P" HTML tags

bcbk_list_var.mac List & Conditional Variables   This example illustrates list and conditional variables used to build a dynamic SQL LIKE statement.
bcbk_tbfunc.mac Table Functions This function demonstrates the new DTW_TB_rGETV function.
bcbk_tbdlist.mac Table Dlist Function This function demonstrates the Net.Data Definition List function.
bcbk_crosstab.mac Advanced Report Processing This function demonstrates that a REPORT  section can do more than dump out a list of data. This one inverts a column into rows and totals the new table.


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