SELECT cat, subcat, prdnam FROM ignsql.bcbkinv2 order by cat, subcat, prdnam for fetch only

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Basic SQL Example

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Category Sub-Category Product
Fruit Apples aasa
Fruit Apples adfdsafads
Fruit Apples annick
Fruit Apples apples - purple
Fruit Apples asdfasdf
Fruit Apples bilberry
Fruit Apples dfdfd
Fruit Apples gggggg
Fruit Apples juicy fruit
Fruit Apples limon acido
Fruit Apples lkjf
Fruit Apples papapapapap yaaa
Fruit Apples test
Fruit Apples teste
Fruit Apples yyyyyyy
Fruit Apples A Large Melon
Fruit Apples Ananas
Fruit Apples Bert
Fruit Apples BUGGERS bedlam
Fruit Apples CAN PET
Fruit Apples Dan's Beauty
Fruit Apples Dead
Fruit Apples DOG TAIL
Fruit Apples Georgia Peach
Fruit Apples No Mango
Fruit Apples Peaching Peaches
Fruit Apples Pears -ANJOIU
Fruit Apples Pomme d'api
Fruit Apples Raw
Fruit Apples Shirley
Fruit Apples Test
Fruit Apples Test
Fruit Apples Test de
Fruit Apples Test item
Fruit Apples 111
Fruit Apples 111
Fruit Apples 547
Fruit Avacados ava
Fruit Avacados cvvxv
Fruit Avacados prod name
Fruit Avacados test fruit avacados
Fruit Avacados Big Blueberries
Fruit Avacados Braeburn added added
Fruit Avacados DJR
Fruit Avacados Epler & Pærer
Fruit Avacados Fruit Loops
Fruit Avacados Fugazi
Fruit Avacados My Avocados
Fruit Avacados MAÇA
Fruit Avacados Orange type of apples
Fruit Avacados Red Delicious
Fruit Avacados Reinaldo Blueberries
Fruit Avacados Sergey Test #1
Fruit Avacados This was a Test
Fruit Citrus çilek
Fruit Citrus fghfgh
Fruit Citrus sour apples
Fruit Citrus test
Fruit Citrus Bakersfield Crenshaws
Fruit Citrus Computer berries
Fruit Citrus CITRUS
Fruit Citrus Florida Navel Orange
Fruit Citrus Fresh stuff
Fruit Citrus Passionfruit
Fruit Citrus Red D'Anjou
Fruit Citrus Red Raspberries
Fruit Citrus Super Berries - Portugal
Fruit Grapes Black Satin BerryBerry
Fruit Grapes Blue Grape
Fruit Grapes Goofy Grape
Fruit Grapes Red Flame
Fruit Grapes Thomson Seedles
Fruit Grapes Winesap
Fruit Grapes 1234
Fruit Mango banannnannnassss
Fruit Mango strange fruit
Fruit Mango Mango
Fruit Mango Pinapples Blu
Fruit Mango Red Delicious
Fruit Mango This really works-NEW
Fruit Melons ave
Fruit Melons Bing Crosby
Fruit Melons Blueberrie D7elight
Fruit Melons D'Anjou
Fruit Melons Fresno Watermelons
Fruit Melons Honeydew
Fruit Melons My Melons
Fruit Melons Tastee Juice Apples
Fruit Melons Water Melon
Fruit Melons Watermelons
Fruit Nectarines Majic Special Nectarines
Fruit Nectarines Peaches
Fruit Papaya aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Fruit Papaya testing
Fruit Papaya Papaya
Fruit Papaya Strawberry Papaya
Fruit Peaches Elegent Lady
Fruit Peaches Georgia Plums
Fruit Peaches Joe's Peaches
Fruit Peaches KiWi
Fruit Pears fred pear
Fruit Pears Rock Pear
Fruit Pinapples Pinapple
Fruit Pinapples Swellendam