The IGNITe/400 NewsGroups

By:  Bleddyn Williams
Title:  AS/400 Internet Specialist
Date:  10/16/1998 - 09:10 AM (UCT)

The following is a current list of news groups under the Rendezvous News Server at IGNITe/400. These can be accessed through any NNTP client, and if set up correctly you should be able to just click on them to drop in. If you think we need further groups please us and we can put them on line.

ignite400.announce The Latest Announcements
ignite400.general General Area of discussion
ignite400.netdata Net.Data Topics
ignite400.netcommerce AS/400 Net.Commerce Topics
ignite400.networkstation Using the networkstation
ignite400.db2400 DB2400 on the Internet/Intranet
ignite400.as400jobs Positions Vacant / Positions Wanted

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