Schoastic Books goes on-line

By:  Bill Benjamin
Title:  Vice President
Date:  12/16/1998 - 12:08 AM (UCT)

Scholastic Canada, the leading publisher and distributor of books for children in Canada is using LANSA for the Web and the AS/400 to let teachers place school book club orders over the Web. Previously, orders were received by telephone, fax and mail. The September 1997 launch of ClubsOnline, Scholastic's online ordering system, has made it easier for teachers to place orders and also speed up the delivery of books. The benefits of online ordering have been enthusiastically greeted by teachers, who can place book club orders when it suits them in real-time, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Bob Shrewsbury-Gee, Director of Operations, welcomes this long awaited initiative. "It's simple. Teachers are looking for a helping hand in the classroom and Scholastic Canada wants to meet the challenge. We have long supported teachers and strive to bring books and children together. Now, with the new technology from LANSA and the creative initiative of our team, we have a perfect fit. We're bringing teachers and technology together."

"With LANSA for the Web and the AS/400 we were able to easily develop our first e-business application. In two years time we hope to halve the number of telephone orders and process a large number of orders via the Web. Since Web order entry has lower processing costs compared with taking orders over the phone this will be a substantial saving."

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