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Hi I just wanted to ask if you have a spare 5 minutes could some of you
have a look at ftp running at IGNITe. We have used Patrick Townsend Alliance
FTP software to set this up (http://www.patownsend.com), so that anonymous
FTP is provided. We have tried to make this as easy as possible but you will
have to go to the following link


Now if you run Netscape this should work fine and you will be able to log in
and look around. But if IE is your browser it seems not to understand the
information given to it from the 400 and makes the URL link for the
directory to long (included such things as the date). I have also tried with
cuteftp which worked fine(set the initial dir to /pub always (root is
excluded). If you log in under DOS as anonymous, it will take you to a
library in QSYS and you will not be able to come out of it unless you do

quote site namefmt 1

cd /

this will take you into root. Dangerous well I hope not you wont be able to
see anything as the 400 authority is excluded. But you can go into /pub
that's the only place.

So have a look the graphical way is the preferred method we want to give
people an easier way to upload and download software and I am looking for
feedback. Including thoughts on if this is the correct way to run this.

Thanks Bleddyn

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