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The MAILROUTER and FIREWALL options work together to send mail to a mail
router when the AS/400 is behind a firewall and therefore is not able to
establish an SMTP connection to send the mail. It's not an AS/400 firewall
issue; you have the same problems regardless of which firewall you use.

In release V3R7M0 they provided a PTF (SF34704) that allows you to create a
data area that I believe provides the same function as specifying
FIREWALL(*YES). By creating QUSRSYS/QTMSFIRE with a single "Y", the AS/400
will route all mail that is not for local recipients to the router that is

hat you wrote, it sounds like this might work for you.

Don't you just love mail configuration... Happy testing....

Rod Davis
RyTE Consulting, Inc.

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SMTP from the 400

Bleddyn Williams

Does anyone use the route option under SMTP attributes. I ask because we
have been looking at mimesweeper for a customer and this can check all
outgoing mail as long as it is routed to it. The only way I can see to do
this from the 400 is add this entry? I also believe for this to work I
have to remove the capability for the AS/400 to do DNS lookup and resolve
the name under V370.

Does the firewall option under V420 change this it sounds like it does? So
if I say firewall *YES it does the route anyway, or is this just on about
the AS/400 firewall?

Thanks Bleddyn

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