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The hack is possible IF you can get someone with enough authority to give up
their user-id's and passwords, or if you can hack the user-id's and

To sniff them you'd have to have access to a major upstream router (like one
of the big ISP's or a major University). USC runs a huge NEP in Los Angeles
and I'm sure it is staffed with grad students.

Standford University runs the biggest NEP on the West Coast in Northern
California. Do they use students?

Do ISP's run background checks on their employees. If you look at the
comments of the hack, they fundamentally tell us that the New York Times ISP
was their target.

This means that they were able to compromise a router somewhere and sniff
out admin user-id's and passwords.

Telnet into your own router. It always responds with alogon page. A simple
user-id password hacking package can find the user-id and password for the
router. How many routers are exposed to the internet?

We talk about our AS/400's, firewalls, etc. BUT, how secure is our router?

Another major hacking technique is simply to call into the company and try
and con someone out of a user-id and or password. If you can get 3 or 4
user-id's, you can probably figure out the naming convention. If you get
real lucky, you call a network admin or help desk, and con someone out of a
user-id and password with ADMIN type authorities. Then its a turkey shoot.

If you give me an *ALLOBJ user-id or even a SECOFR user-id, I'll bet I can
get in with or without the password.

Bob C.

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Hack at the New York Times

Bleddyn Williams

So has anyone any thoughts on the hack at the New York Times. Would that
sort of thing be possible on the AS/400? The only way to replace the page
would be getting onto the system either telnet or FTP? Or would it?

I like the way they knock the firewall and the sysadmins any info perhaps
on what system they were running. Perhaps we can create an area on hacking
info so we know what when and how to get into the AS/400. Has anyone
discovered stuff not in the redbook has everyone read the red book on

Thanks Bleddyn

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