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Could anyone help me,
We use I/Net Web Server/400 1.3 to serve our home page. When i WRKLICINF
PRDID(5716SS1) on V3R7 of OS/400 and WORK WITH LICENSE USERS for product
5716SS1 license term V3 feature 5050 description Operating System/400, i
have a list of 24 outside IP addresses dating back since July with the user
WWWUSER. All these IP addresses have accessed our web page bar one address
who is not in our accesslog. Each address has done various different
things once bringing up our web page eg some have brought the page up and
stopped it before it fully loaded, others have gone all through the web
page. Some times the request time on the license users is after the person
has left the page and other times it is during their visit to the page.
There is no consistency to this and i want to know if anyone else has had
similar things happen and could explain to me what is happening, why are
these IP addresses here?


MDC Information Systems
Merchants House
Merchants Quay
Dublin 8

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