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SG24-4703-00 AS/400 Electronic-Mail Capabilities

It is pretty straight forward. POP3 uses the system directory (wrkdire).
You must set the Mail Service Level to 2 - System Mail store, and Preferred
Address to 3 - SMTP on about the 4th page of the wrkdire command.

You must then use the F19 Add SMTP name function from the WRKDIRE screen and
set up a name for the user.

The name that you want your user to be known by via email is entered in the
STMP user ID field. It does not have to be the profile name.

Your domain name goes in the SMTP domain field (i.e. mycompany.com).

If you have TCP/IP installed, then configuring the server is pretty straight
forward. Not much to do there. Just use cfgtcp configure and start SMTP
then configure and start POP3 you'll need to supply the IP address.

The most important part is to be sure that whoever (you or your ISP) has
created the proper DNS MX mail records that point to your SMTP server and to
your POP3 server.

Many folks name them smtp.mycompany.com and pop3.mycompany.com (both point
to the same IP address).

I just point them both to ricc.com on my machine.

Most problems that I have heard about are related to the DNS names.

Bob C.

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POP3 on AS/400

Luis Alberto Rodriguez/Mercedes Malaver


Can anyone direct me to a simple set of instructions for configuring a POP3
mail server on my AS/400?. I'm running V4R2.

Thanks a lot,

Luis A. Rodriguez P.
Expansion Sistemas Venezuela
Caracas, Venezuela
e-mail: merc.lar@usa.net

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