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Also, if you would like a product that does 5250 email and integrates with Lotus
check out EVERGREEN/400 on www.appsmall.com. Search for it or check under Tools
and Utilities.


> From: "Bob Cancilla IGNITe400 Account"
> Check out IBM's new redbook:
> SG24-4703-00 AS/400 Electronic-Mail Capabilities
> It is pretty straight forward. POP3 uses the system directory (wrkdire).
> You must set the Mail Service Level to 2 - System Mail store, and Preferred
> Address to 3 - SMTP on about the 4th page of the wrkdire command.
> You must then use the F19 Add SMTP name function from the WRKDIRE screen and
> set up a name for the user.
> The name that you want your user to be known by via email is entered in the
> STMP user ID field. It does not have to be the profile name.
> Your domain name goes in the SMTP domain field (i.e. mycompany.com).
> If you have TCP/IP installed, then configuring the server is pretty straight
> forward. Not much to do there. Just use cfgtcp configure and start SMTP
> then configure and start POP3 you'll need to supply the IP address.
> The most important part is to be sure that whoever (you or your ISP) has
> created the proper DNS MX mail records that point to your SMTP server and to
> your POP3 server.
> Many folks name them smtp.mycompany.com and pop3.mycompany.com (both point
> to the same IP address).
> I just point them both to ricc.com on my machine.
> Most problems that I have heard about are related to the DNS names.
> Bob C.
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> Subject: POP3 on AS/400
> From: "Luis Alberto Rodriguez/Mercedes Malaver"
> Hi,
> Can anyone direct me to a simple set of instructions for configuring a POP3
> mail server on my AS/400?. I'm running V4R2.
> Thanks a lot,
> Luis A. Rodriguez P.
> Expansion Sistemas Venezuela
> Caracas, Venezuela
> e-mail: merc.lar@usa.net
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