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Interesting someone gave the spec of the AS/400 in terms of MHz and don't we
look slow at 262. Do you think they did this on purpose hey if I knew
nothing about the AS/400 I would be thinking my PC runs faster than that!!

Also they state

'He said he expects further performance enhancements in the first half of
1999, when Microsoft comes out with its copper-based Pulsar chips.

Now its good to see stuff about the 400 but it needs to be more positive and
also checked. Unless Microsnot have started down the road of developing

I do like the SQL stuff though I wonder what that will do for Net.Data?

Thanks Bleddyn

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AS/400 in the news - new models

bhobbs@netburg.net (Bruce Hobbs, Stevens Communications Inc.)

Planning on buying a Model 170? You may want to wait for the IBM
announcements coming soon. An article about the announcements is in
InternetWeek at http://www.internetwk.com/news0898/news083198-4.htm. After
the drought of news about the AS/400, it's nice to see more mentions in the
technical press.

Those of you who are running SQL will like the announcement (presumedly in
Ver. 4.3) of "encoded vector indexes." These indexes reduce the time it
takes to run a specific query on a 225 Gb database from 2.3 hours to 35

There is a great statement in the article, from Rupinder Bedi, MIS director
at Keyston Brothers, that the AS/400 combines the stability and power of
Unix with the ease of use of Windows NT.

IBM may not be publicizing it, but I've heard that the new top-end AS/400 is
more powerful than any S/390 mainframe.

I predict 1999 is going to be the year of the AS/400, and, with shipments of
Windows NT 5.0 delayed until who knows, the decline of NT.

Bruce Hobbs
Netburg Internet Services
E-mail: bhobbs@netburg.net
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