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My apologies in advance if you get a double post on this as I am posting it
to the I/Net and IGNITe400 lists.

My users are questioning the CPI vs Mhz ratings of Pentium based PC's and
the AS/400. We have 266mhz NT server that seems to perform better in many
respects when compared to our AS/400 model 40S server.

Does anyone know of a study that compares the AS/400 to other boxes? Does
anyone know how to translate CPI ratings published by IBM to a number that
can be compare with other computers?

I know this is bizzare, but it comming up more and more often and we need to
see these numbers. The reason I'm posting to the I/Net list is the fact
that folks are stating that A Pentium II 400mhz machine with 128megs of
Memory will perform as well or better at a cost of about $1500 per box
compared to an AS/400 Model 170 and has a lot more software capabilities
when running MS/II or Netscape, or Apache server software.

We all know that they have the ease of use software, but what about


Bob C.

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