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Planning on buying a Model 170? You may want to wait for the IBM =
announcements coming soon. An article about the announcements is in =
InternetWeek at http://www.internetwk.com/news0898/news083198-4.htm. After =
the drought of news about the AS/400, it's nice to see more mentions in =
the technical press.

Those of you who are running SQL will like the announcement (presumedly in =
Ver. 4.3) of "encoded vector indexes." These indexes reduce the time it =
takes to run a specific query on a 225 Gb database from 2.3 hours to 35 =

There is a great statement in the article, from Rupinder Bedi, MIS =
director at Keyston Brothers, that the AS/400 combines the stability and =
power of Unix with the ease of use of Windows NT.

IBM may not be publicizing it, but I've heard that the new top-end AS/400 =
is more powerful than any S/390 mainframe.

I predict 1999 is going to be the year of the AS/400, and, with shipments =
of Windows NT 5.0 delayed until who knows, the decline of NT.

Bruce Hobbs
Netburg Internet Services
E-mail: bhobbs@netburg.net=

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