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There is a link on the ignite400.org to an area called "Bob's Book".
There are several sample Net.Data macros out there that you can look at and
run. You can also find all of the macros we use to build the entire web
site with by going to the INFOCENTER selecting World Wide Web, CGI
Programming, Net.Data, Files and download the zip file.

Bob C.

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Net. data question

Darin Dutcher

I have been working with net.data for a few weeks and have been able to
accomplish many of my objectives.

But, I still need some help in understanding how to get %if blocks to work,
and how to look at two file to pull data out of.

Does any one know of a real good source for net.data? I have the books off
the net from IBM they do a good job of telling what a statement can do, but
not how to use it. I have also taken an ATS course which was helpful in
getting me started, but where do I go from here?

Samples are great, I can look at what was done and relate it to what I need,
but have yet to find good examples for what I need to do

Thanks for your help,

Darin Dutcher

What AS/400 IP services do you run?


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