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I don't have the same problem, but under V4R2 I am encountering another
bizzare problem with SMTP.
It seems that for some reason, most of our outbound traffic is accepted from
the client and then
stuck somewhere on the box for up to 4 days before the mail is actually
sent. This kind of ties into the SMTP retry settings. We see a new piece
of mail put into QLOCKBOX then deleted almost immediately, but it doesn't
arrive for up to 4 days later.

Funny thing is it doesn't happen on our V4R1 system.

Bob C.

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Bleddyn Williams

Guess what I just discovered that the AS/400 still doesn't like to be put
under load when using SMTP. That is 3 versions now V410 V420 and V430 where
I have had the problem. It creaks groans and falls over when it gets what
about 500-600 or so emails to send out. I have had calls open with UK
support (next to useless) and I am now trying electronic ask a question
direct to Rochester, does anyone else see this issue?

I really think IBM need to look again at the SMTP server on the 400. To fix
this load problem and introduce multihoming SMTP support.


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