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It seems that a hacker has attacked the root servers on the InterNIC. They
rerouted several major servers like AOL and Probably Prodigy and very likely
any other major ISP that was vulnerable to other computers. This surfaced
yesterday when AOL's e-mail started going to the wrong place. I have
personally got a ton of email returned from servers all over the US, so I
suspect that the attack was much broader than just AOL as initially
suggested to me by a security expert.

What happened was amazingly simple. The hacker just sent in a change for
the affected sites to the InterNIC using the appropriate electronic form.
The security levels at the InterNIC for the selected site were set at a
public authority allowing the InteNIC to change the IP's of the domains via
the automatic processing facility that exists at the InterNIC. Presumably
the hacker was skilled at concealing their identity and used someone else's
server to send the e-mail that triggered the change.

Check to see if your information at the InterNIC is secure. Check out the
InterNIC website at www.internic.net!

Simple but super nasty and disruptive if not destructive hack! The 400 may
be secure, but the Internet infrastructure is obviously NOT! Remember, this
stuff dates back to a much friendlier time when the Internet was the
property of education, science, and government. Everyone was friends and
eveyone knew everyone else!

Bob C.


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