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You have stumbled into the muck on this one. Look at the notes on the IBM
site. I don't recall the
url, but it's on the AS400 website. I'm assuming your running the PERL port
you found on the CPAN
web site? If this is the case it does NOT support STDIN and STDOUT! On
IBM's website there were
instructions on how to call PERL via a CL pgm called by your server as the
primary CGI program.

This is the only way you can pass parms to PERL. Flat out it's a pitiful
port. The langauge itself
is fully functional but the interface is horrible. There was another port
that ran under QShell which
did support stdin and stdout but had other problems like passing path
variables to PERL.

If you are desparate we can give you a copy of this one. I understand that
IBM is working on a new port
of the latest release of PERL but have no idea if and when it will appear.

Bob C.

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Passing parameters to a perl script

Dan Mair

Hi All,

I am running perl scripts on the AS/400. The way to call a perl script
in the 400 is as follows:

Does anyone know how I would call a perl script on the 400 passing in

....../cgi-bin/perl?/script.pl?xyz=1 does not work.

Looking to share your latest bit of code with the IGNITe400(sm)


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