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I generate all of my forms using Microsoft Frontpage which generates
JavaScript editing for all of the input fields. You can obviously code your
own JavaScript if you prefer another HTML tool. The other thing I do is
write my macros to default valid values into the fields before running the

A simple %IF(myfld == "")

should do the job.

Hope this helps.

Bob C.

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Net. data question

Darin Dutcher

I have a macro that searches a file for two different field names. It
returns the results correctly if both fields are valid, and if there is no
results (100 message) works fine. My problem is when nothing is put in
either input field and then submitted. WRKACTJOB show the job running and
it will start eating up the system. CPU% will climb as high as 95%. What
can I do so this does not happen any more?

My main goal is to make both field required, but have tried to get an if
statement to do this for me, but does not work. What way should I me going?

Thanks for your help.

Darin Dutcher

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