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At one time I had problems sending to ibm.net addresses. The problem seemed to be the
reverse lookup was not working. A mail server sends "HELO mailservername.domain.com" or
"EHLO mailservername.domain.com" and the receiving mail server can take the IP address of
the conversation, do a reverse lookup and produce the system name, which should be the
same. Running under V3R2, the server name reported in the HELO command is not correct. In
my case, the server is bigboy.netburg.net but the HELO command reads "HELO netburg.net",
which is not correct.

To check if this is the problem, you must look at the mail server logs, which in case are on the
IBM Global Services server. The headers will not show this part of the conversation. I'd like to
help further but can't unless your friend can get e-mail out. Well, there is one test I can run; I'm
running it now.


On Fri, Nov 13, 1998, 7:27:49 PM GMT IGNITE400 MEMBERS LIST wrote:

>From: "Bleddyn Williams"
>I had a chat with Neil Palmer on the midrange list on some problems he was
>having with SMTP. This is what he found out which may be useful for anyone
>contacting these sort of addresses.
>As a follow up to my previous posting I've become aware of something that
>may be of interest.
>Petro-Canada recently changed all their e-mail set up and it's now being
>handled by IBM Global Services, as a small excerpt from the header info
>below shows:
>Received: from petrocan.on.ca.ibm.net([]) by DPS.DPSLINK.COM
>(IBM OS/400 SMTP V04R02M00) with TCP; Thu, 5 Nov 1998 09:05:38 -0500
>Received: from pcaxs04.pccw.petro-canada.ca ([]) by
>petrocan.on.ca.ibm.net (AIX4.2/UCB 8.7/8.7) with ESMTP id JAA29760 for
>; Thu, 5 Nov 1998 09:05:51 -0500 (EST)
>THAT'S when the problem with the e-mail started for my customer using AS/400
>SMTP for e-mail.
>Apparently IBM Global Network has a problem with receiving e-mail from
>AS/400's and they are "working on it" !!!!
>Co-incidentally, the only other e-mail addresses I have seen this problem on
>(AS/400 SMTP routed mail) are with e-mail I had bounce back when sent to
>addresses "@ibm.net" (Hi Al !) - so I guess it's the same problem.
>Intrested in putting your point across?

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