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Hi all,

For the complete documentation of how to activate authentication on the IBM
servers, check out the dedicated redbook called (For a great tip, read last
part of this posting):

AS/400 e-commerce: Internet Connection Servers
(Chapter 8 describes the authentication setup)

This book is of course available online. Here's a link to the TOC:

Notice: I've come across a rather weird situation using the "built-in"
TCPIP web configuration file. Due to either codepage faults (or IBM bug?)
the characters setting up the various protection defaults are not read
correctly by the webserver. The manual states that I should use a syntax
like this:

something NAME {

.. stuff


When I type the brackets from the AS/400 editor, they look correct, the
editor says that they are ok, but the webserver can't read them. I spend a
lot of time trying to figure this out. During the troubleshooting I found
the easiest way to work with the server setting:


he easy web interface you may define protection settings, add, remove
and edit users in validation lists etc. etc.
You'll find the port number for the admin server in the webserver
configuration. Make sure you start the admin server when you use the

The admin-server will update the CONFIG setting, and will help you
understand the configuration file.

Best regards

Stig Husby
Aventura Systems ASA


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