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If your source material is a PC based document, Acrobat is as easy to use as
printing. You create a PC document and select Adobe Acrobat as the printer
using your File Print menu on the application you are using. It deals with
the text and the images giving you an exact replica of your printed

There is also a product from Gumbo Software that currently supports SCS
print files and is about to support AFP/DS spool files and converts them to
Acrobat PDF files. The AFP/DS support should be available very soon. I've
been working with them and have seen the output which is fantastic.

BTW, once you have created a PDF file using PC Print functions, you can
start Acrobat and generate table of contents, index, html like links, embed
audio and video (quicktime), etc. Very easily.

Bob C.

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Working with Adobe on the Net?

Bleddyn Williams

We are looking at project which would involve taking images from a product,
that could have the capability to output into Adobe portable document
format. I would then be looking to combine these images of parts into an
existing system we have developed for parts ordering across the Internet.
But I have never worked with Adobe for creating documents before, so
thoughts on how easy it is and how time consuming is it to work with?


Intrested in putting your point across?


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