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Are you connecting to a remote machine? If you are, you must delete the SQL
package created on the remote machine every time you apply a major Net.Data
ptf. It will produce the type of error you are seeing. I think the
net.data sql package is created in QGPL. I forget it's name but it starts
with Q and is pretty obvious. Something like QSQLCLI or something very
similiar. You can delete it and the first call to the database from
net.data will recreate it.

The other issue is did you recycle your servers after installing the PTF's?
Also recopy DB2WWW to your libraries from QTCP? All of these things could
cause this problem, but most likely cause is the SQL package.

Bob C.

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Net.data error

Darin Dutcher

Has anyone seen this error before. I installed PTF's SF51304, SF49764,
SF50176, SF45477 afterwards some of my macros came back with this error:

Number of products listed: NET.DATA DTW_SQL Error: Function prodqry:
Connection to database S102V4CM failed.
Connection to relational database S102V4CM already exists. SQLSTATE 08002,

Thanks for your help,

Darin Dutcher

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