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We need your help. We need your success stories. To make the site appealing
to new as well as experienced uses, we need stories about what folks are
doing with their AS/400's. We will create an area of the INFO CENTER devoted
to this.

End-Users, Vendors, Consultants, write a short note and email it to me
describing what you've done and how you use e-business on the AS/400. I will
post it along with a link to the site (if appropriate). Vendors and
consultants may write these stories as a reference and we will link to both
your client and your websites.

We really need some help here. I won't go into the details, but your help on
this will be a tremendous help to IGNITe/400.


Webmaster for Morpheus & IGNITe/400

http://ignite400.org/ get on the web use an AS/400!!

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