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Leading IBM Business Partner/Consulting Co.

Looking for qualified RPG programmers to work at client sites on East
Coast and Mid Atlantic regions. Need good professional and technical
skills. JD Edwards is a plus.

Family oriented company, provide a lot of employee events.

Job Desc:
Install software at client sites. Work in team environment,
or individually. Some sites may involve Y2k conversions.

Develop applications according to user specs, code RPG/400 and test
applications. User interaction is required. Must adapt to client site
for dress code. Minimum experience is 2 years.AS/400

Location: Union Dale, NY
Duration: Permanent
Pay Rate: Salary 50-100K

Who do you know? Your self or someone else...Remember we pay referral

Interested and want to know more. Send us your resume and contact

Cheryl Arens
Anderson Search Services

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