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IBM says that its implementation of the popular Apache Web server program
for the AS/400 is in beta test and that, by January, it expects to have the
program available for free up on the Apache Project site
(http://www.apache.org). IBM has implemented the 1.3.1 release of Apache on
the AS/400, the same release that it includes in its WebSphere application
environment for UNIX, NT, S/390, and AS/400 servers. This is two releases
behind the current release, 1.3.3, but IBM says that it will soon have the
AS/400 and all of its WebSphere platforms in synch with other Apache
platforms. The AS/400 release of Apache will run only on RISC AS/400s with
V4R3 because earlier OS/400 releases do not support the long file names
Apache requires (support is coming for prior OS/400 releases, but IBM
doesn't have a timetable yet). IBM is warning its customers that this is an
initial implementation of Apache and that they should not expect it to have
the same level of performance as IBM's many-named native AS/400 Web servers.
Over time, IBM will more tightly integrate Apache with the AS/400, and
performance will improve.


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