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As a former IBM'er from AS/400 division, I'd just like to confirm that
David is correct. Check it out, I think you'll like what you hear.

Ignite400 Members List wrote:

> From: "BORING, David"
> IBM and your user group is correct, it will run and it will take more
> overhead on the system than V2R3.
> My suggestion to you is to look at purchasing a new box to replace the
> B50. You could get a model 600 or 170 that would probably be more
> powerful than your B50, it would be the latest system from IBM, and the
> cost to buy this new system would be similar to upgrading your B50 to
> V3R2. Plus, you will save money in power consumption, AC, floor space,
> etc. since the new boxes are much smaller.
> With this situation you could also run your boxes side-by-side and
> convert your applications to the new box on your schedule.
> Look into it at least. You may be surprised at the pricing options
> available to you.
> David Boring
> Systems Engineer
> MCI Systemhouse
> Direct: (562) 809-5460
> E-mail: dboring@shl.com
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> Subject: Help B50 AS/400
> From:
> Howdiee:-))
> I have a AS/400 model B50 running on V2R3.. does any one know of anyone
> who is
> running a model B on V3R2 ?? IBM says no problem but my members of
> my
> user group say it does not run well ?? If it runs at all. I am trying
> to Y2K
> complient?
> andy

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