IGNITe/400 Mailing List Archive Entry
all our mail server (6) are on the same IP address in the AS/400, and we =
have NO problem.

We are under V3R7M0 with the cum PTF 8069370.

Patrice ULRICH

> From: "Bleddyn Williams"
> Is there anyone running multiple mail domains on the same AS/400 and =
do you
> get any problems. I am running both morpheus and ignite on the 400 here
> under different addresses both with the correct DNS entries. What I see
> every so often is looping on the system where its trying to send mail =
> ignite from a non ignite address which then seems to get looped around =
> and again. Till I have lots of send receive SMTP processes going. Any =
> the things I have are an entry in the host table on the 400 for each =
> against the IP address.
> Thanks Bleddyn

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