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Technically speaking you are mixing two questions. DNS would probably
correctly resolve the host name, it is SMTP that is having a problem with
the name. But, from a practical side, I'd not use any special character
other than the dash (-) in a domain name. Other than that, I'd limit it to
1-9 and A-Z.


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Characters in a PC domain name for the AS/400

Bleddyn Williams

This could be a general question on IP or something just for AS/400 services
but is there any characters that shouldn't really be put into a domain name
on a PC?

So could I have an & such as B&WPC1@morpheus.ltd.uk on any system apart from
a 400. I just saw a case where a PC had a & in the domain name and the 400
rejected mail it sent saying that the & was an incorrect delimiter bit from
the log below. Is this the case are there certain chars you should never put
in a domain for a PC server etc, or is the 400 just being picky? Surely the
PC should say you cant have a & in the name?

012899 190243 2 qtmssrvr.C 1586 Beginning of domain name string
012899 190243 2 qtmssrvr.C 1660 Calling parsedomain...
012899 190243 2 qtmssrvr.C 1663 parsedomain rc = -1.
012899 190243 2 qtmssrvr.C 1713 PARSEDOMAIN FAILED:
012899 190243 2 qtmssrvr.C 5686 ...Entering RETRIEVEMESSAGE.
012899 190243 2 qtmssrvr.C 5770 ^501 Syntax error. Delimiter & not
012899 190243 2 qtmssrvr.C 5807 ...Leaving RETRIEVEMESSAGE.
012899 190243 2 qtmssrvr.C 5859 ...Entering PROCESS_REPLY.
012899 190243 2 qtmssrvr.C 4964 ...Entering WRITEREPLY.


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