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I do not think there is a way you can actually confirm delivery via
SMTP. At best, you can confirm that it was delivered to the SMTP
server pointed at by the DNS MX record, but it possibly (likely?) will
have to go thru at least one other system before it even gets to the
POP server. And then you still don't know that the user has actualy
viewed the Email.

And the "return receipt requested" option is not much better. Some
systems ignore it, some systems give you the return when it reaches
the last SMTP server, some when it reaches the POP server and some
when the user actualy reads it. But then some users do everything in
"preview" mode so even then you will not get a return receipt.

I think about the best you can do is say "we delivered to the publicly
advertised email (SMTP) server and no errors occurred".


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confirming email delivery

Sarah Poger


I have an application that will be emailing customer statements via
Internet. I need a way to confirm delivery or failure of every

I'm using the SMTP server on V4R1.

The approach I am considering is to read any replies and flag any
messages that are from a user names "postmaster@whatever.com" or
"mailer-daemon@whatever.com" and assuming that those indicate a failed

What other approaches are there? Has anybody done this?


What AS/400 IP services do you run?


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