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I just got this through haven't had chance to see it its on line yet but I
will be interested to see what it says on Websphere.

Just Published!! Building AS/400 Internet-Based Applications
with Java SG24-5337-00

The AS/400 system, the Internet, and Java. What a powerful combination! If
you are interested in enabling your company for the world of e-business,
this redbook is for you. It is intended for anyone who wants to design and
build AS/400 Internet- or intranet-based applications using Java.

This redbook focuses on building applets and servlets that access AS/400
resources. It provides many practical programming examples with detailed
explanations of how they work. These examples are also available for you to
download from our Internet site. This redbook gives you a fast start on your
way to using Java, the Internet, and the AS/400 system.

To get the redbook you can:
Order SG24-5337-00 available via PUBORDER within 4 - 6 weeks
Look at the Redbooks Home Page on the World Wide Web
at: http://www.redbooks.ibm.com/

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