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As you're all no doubt aware, eleven European countries acquired a new
on January 1 this year. This currency, the Euro, is represented by this

The keyboard shipped with the Network Station now includes this symbol in
of two positions; on the [4] key on UK English keyboards and the [E] key
elsewhere in Europe. We have a supply of key-tops for keyboards shipped
previously without the legend. The symbol is accessed by pressing the [Alt
key along with the [4] or [E] key as appropriate.

Network Station Manager PTF 3 is required on the boot server for this key to
active; the updated NSM includes a new Boot Monitor, V3.0.7.2.

At this time, the symbol can only be generated in the 5250 and 3270
it is not available in other programs such as X11, ICA, NC Navigator etc.

A new parameter, -EURO, needs to be added to the NS5250 or NS3270 command.
is best achieved using Network Station Manager.

Finally, it is necessary to ensure that the keyboard language and NSM
( locale ) information is set appropriately.

I've tested this here in Hursley using a PS/2 keyboard ( p/n 1391406 ) and a
8361 Series 300 unit. It works as expected; on an AS/400 running OS/400
V4R3, I
get a new keyboard language of UKE ( UK with Euro support ).

Finally, there are two group PTFs for OS/400 V4R2 and V4R3 which give the
set of Euro PTFs; they are SF99207 and SF99208 respectively.

Finally, NSM R3 PTF 3 is available for the AS/400 via PTF SF99082 as usual.


David M Hay
Network Computer Advisory Specialist
IBM Network Computer Business Unit
Mailpoint 172
Hursley Park
Winchester, Hampshire
SO21 2JN, United Kingdom

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