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Many of you have asked over the past couple of years if there was a product
that converted spool files to Adobe Acrobat PDF files. Finally THERE IS!
And BETTER YET, it runs 100% on the AS/400!

Thanks to our good friend Gordon Huf of Gumbo Software, Inc. He has
upgraded his Spool-o-Matic software product to now convert AFPDS spool files
to Adobe Acrobat 3.01 PDF's! Not only does it do a great job of the
conversion, it installs cleanly using RSTLICPGM and is maintained via the
standard IBM PTF mechanism.

See my article on IGNITe/400 in the INFOCENTER on this product. Visit
Gordon's website at http://www.gumbo.com and download the product and give
it a test drive.

Great piece of work. It will save my company thousands of dollars in forms
printing as well as improving customer service by enabling web and email
based delivery of documents versus fax and snail mail deliver.

And NO, I have no financial interest in this product. It is just a truely
needed and timely product.

Bob C.

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