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Has anyone else noticed that we now have the following from IBM's marketing
department just to confuse the issue on the AS/400 as to what the webserver

We have the following

IBM HTTP Server powered by Apache is based on the Apache HTTP Server, which
is the most popular server on the Web. IBM has enhanced the server. For
example, IBM has added SSL for secure transactions and offers full support,
as it would with any other IBM product. IBM supplies the Apache-powered HTTP
server with products that run on AIX, Solaris, and Windows NT. Initially,
you'll find the IBM HTTP Server powered by Apache in IBM WebSphere
Application Server V2.0 (Standard Edition and Advanced Edition).

While we on the 400 have the

IBM HTTP Server which is based on award-winning technology (the same
technology used in Lotus Domino Go Webserver). Currently, IBM provides the
IBM HTTP Server as part of AS/400 V4R3. The IBM HTTP Server for AS/400
includes client authentication with SSL V3, proxy and SOCKS support with SSL
tunnelling, HTTP version 1.1 compliance, server side includes, persistent
CGI and much more. You can learn more about IBM HTTP Server for OS/400 at
their web site. Also visit the AS/400 e-business site to learn more about
using AS/400 for Web application serving.

It would be very useful in marketing terms if IBM cross platform products
could all use the same names. So at the moment we have Domino Go Webserver
which on the AS/400 is known as the IBM HTTP Server. Then on all the other
platforms we have the IBM HTTP Server powered by Apache, which currently on
the 400 is just known as Apache :) It makes it difficult to get out a good
message and also to tell people to look at websites when they get confused
because they read about things that just don't exist. We have the
functionality but its just called something different or instead of making
people pay for it on the AS/400 its free when it comes to webserving.


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