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What type of performance is anyone seeing using Net.Commerce on the AS/400?

We have a site up and running that is averaging over 1500 users a day with
between 80,000-90,000 requests made to the server per day.

It's running on an S20-6153, w/ 1 Gig Main Storage. I have 16 Net.Commerce
processes running at startup. By the middle of the day, the HTTP server has
spawned over 100 processes. Static HTML pages are served up as quick as when
the site was brought online. Anything that has to do with Net.Commerce, on
the other hand, doesn't move at all. Over seven minutes just to display an
item - on the same ethernet segment!!!!

My question is: Is there a way to dynamically add more Net.Commerce
processes to the system on the fly, or do I have to stop the store, change
the configuration, and restart it? Why doesn't Net.Commerce spawn new
processes like the HTTP server does to keep up with the traffic volume?


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