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I have had a look at the information on group files in the online help for
the HTTP webserver. Now that we seem to have the hand of validation lists
and using the API's to add people to them, what do group files give me?

Is it the ability to secure in the following way?

I have 4 directories and I create a validation list to protect each. Now we
have written our API interface so if you needed to you could do multiple
adds for a user to all 4 areas. But the user would then need to log in 4
times when they want to access each area. Does a group file give me the
ability to say that if a user has logged into one area and the group file is
included against say DIR 2 that they wont need to log in again? Also what
sort of object is a group file is it just a stream file do I create it or
does the system?

The following is from the doc

You can specify a group name that is defined in the server group file. A
group name can include user names, other group names, and address templates
in any of the same formats allowed on masking subdirectives. To be valid,
any user names included in the group name must also be defined in the
protection setup validation list or AS/400 user profile. If the requester
returns a valid user name and password and if any address templates are
matched, then the server completes the request.


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