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Our site runs on the I/NET Commerce Server, and we are examining ways to =
incorporate data from our AS/400 with our website. As I see it, we have =
two kinds of applications where data on te AS/400 is used:

1. In static HTML pages which contain a small amount of information from =
the database.=20

To make changes to the HTML page possible by another departement I would =
like to be able to use a tool like FrontPage. At the moment I think Server =
Side Includes are the best solution to put the dynamic data in the pages.

2. Complete applications, where the complete pages are created from =

I have created a small demo application that uses COBOL CGI programs, and =
has the HTML stored inside a message file, so I can keep text outside the =
program, and combine it easily with the data.
Other options I'm currently looking at are Net.Data or some 4gl tools like =
COOL:Plex or Lansa for the Web, but what about Java servlets?

Anyone with other ideas for tools to use, suggestions about techniques, or =
experiences with these kinds of development?

Thanks in advance.

Rob Schluter

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