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V3R1 is a notoriously horrible release for SQL. It was a very major upgrade
featuring many new features that didn't quite work until release V4Rx If
you can upgrade to V3R6 or better yet, V4R1 you should. If you cannot, you
must contact IBM support and get and apply all of the cum tapes and SQL
PTF's you and support can locate. I was personally responsible for
reporting over 100 SQL APAR's on V3R1. They were all fixed. MCH3601 is
almost always tied to an IBM problem which their is most certainly a fix

Bob C.

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SQL problem

Florina Capatana

I have a problem. I work on a AS400 with V3R1M0 and I have installed DB2
Query Manager and Sql Development kit.
I tried to compile a SQLRPG program but an error occured to me: MCH3601.
Exactly the same source without modification (only recompile) run OK on
a AS400 with V3M7R0.
I must say that this source is a solution for an IBM course for SQL
Programming Workshop Laboratory.
What can i do?

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