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I noticed today that a new PTF has been released for collecting information
when things go wrong in SMTP (see attached cover letter). For V430 its
SF53660 and V420 its SF52765, does this mean perhaps we are going to see
some drastic improvements in SMTP as more information is collected on all
the problems which it has.

SMTP Journaling-MSF Components

The mail components of the AS400 provide a solution to the "e"
business need for mail handling. They not only address the newer
solutions such as POP or group mail (Lotus Domino) but also
embrace legacy applications such as Office Vision.
Unfortunately, addressing this wide spectrum of needs, requires
some complexity. This "Journaling" function will help in
understanding just how the mail flows through the major
components and explain the reasons why mail may not be delivered.

There are various queues and programs used by the mail delivery
and server functions. This journaling function documents:

* transitions: programs to queues, queues to
* events: arrival of mail via the server, delivery of
mail via the client, storage of mail on retry queues or
resource busy queues.
* tracking and some measurement data: 822 Message
ID, MSF Message ID size of message, originator, recipients.

To Journal or Not to Journal

Journaling takes CPU cycles. It's not free. Therefore, the best
performance will be realized when it is turned off. It also
takes up space on your AS/400 hard drives. If, however, a mail
problem occurs, it could offer insight into what happened to a
particular piece of mail.
To turn journaling on, a data area must be created. This data
area, QTMSJRNL, resides in the QUSRSYS library. The following
command creates the area with journaling enabled:


The following command would disable journaling while leaving the
data area intact:


Substituting a 'Y' character into the above command's VALUE
parameter enables journaling. This can be done at anytime and
does not require restarting the SMTP, POP3, or MSF servers.

Managing the Journal Receivers
The name of the journal used for SMTP journaling is QUSRSYS/QZMF.
Please see the "Backup and Recovery" books listed in the References
for information on managing and displaying the journals.

The function provided in this PTF utilizes the QZMF journal. Only
the "LG" type (stands for Log Information) will be used for the
new journal functions. Further information on the QZMF journal
can be found in the "AnyMail/400 Mail Server Framework Support".
Please see the references for the appropriate publication for
your OS400 release.

List of MSF Journal Entries

Type Action SubType Comments
LG reinsertion of parsed IH I1 Log when the parsed MIME
MIME note into I2 IG message is reinserted
framework into the MSF. Message
Size nnnnn where nnnnn
is size of message.
Includes orginator and

LG sending COD message BR B1 Record insertion of COD
into MSF B2 message into the MSF

LG creation of nondelivery AP A1 Record non Delivery
message A2 message.

LG POP receives message D1 D2 Record POP inserting.
from MAPI client DT D9 message into the MSF.
and sends it DH (Used by XTND XDESCRIPT)
into MSF Size of message and RFC822
ID is also logged.

LG use of the Sendmail EH E1 Record creation of message
API E2 ET by SendMail API.
Message Size nnnnn where
nnnnn is size of message.
LG Mail is targeted to G8 G2 Record when message is
a SNADS bridged remote tunneled. Include system
system sent to and Recipient.
LG Mail tunneled through GQ G2 Record receiving tunneled
a SNADS bridge is message for local delivery
received. and Recipient.
LG Mail is delivered into B8 B2 Record delivery of message
a POP mail box to local pop mail box,
ipaddress will be pop
mailbox directory.
Recipients listed.


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