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Rob if you want fast results with lots of potential and using a product that
will cost you no more money make use of Net.Data. Have a look at Bobs
samples on the IGNITe/400 home page to see some demo's of what it can do. We
use it a lot to build solutions because of the power it provides and the
flexibility we have in the data we can get at both on the AS/400 and other
platforms through DRDA connections. Also depending what release you are on
the next solution I would look at is starting to learn about servlets and
Websphere, you need V430 to use this technology, but again its free. It has
a lot of potential is fast and truly cross platform as proved by the NT
built search engine we are running on the search.ignite400.org site.


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How to develop a website using the AS/400 database?

Schluter R.J.

Our site runs on the I/NET Commerce Server, and we are examining ways to
incorporate data from our AS/400 with our website. As I see it, we have two
kinds of applications where data on te AS/400 is used:

1. In static HTML pages which contain a small amount of information from the

To make changes to the HTML page possible by another departement I would
like to be able to use a tool like FrontPage. At the moment I think Server
Side Includes are the best solution to put the dynamic data in the pages.

2. Complete applications, where the complete pages are created from

I have created a small demo application that uses COBOL CGI programs, and
has the HTML stored inside a message file, so I can keep text outside the
program, and combine it easily with the data.
Other options I'm currently looking at are Net.Data or some 4gl tools like
COOL:Plex or Lansa for the Web, but what about Java servlets?

Anyone with other ideas for tools to use, suggestions about techniques, or
experiences with these kinds of development?

Thanks in advance.

Rob Schluter

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