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My company (the one that pays the bills) consists of about 40 developers
mostly RPG. We will eventually migrate to JAVA. We do not have a C
compiler on any of our 10 machines, nor do we have C++ on any of our
workstations. We do not EVER plan to use C or C++ now or in the future. I
was dismayed and appalled when I found out that DB2/400's new Stored
Procedure Lanaguage requires the C Compiler which is called under the covers
to create a C program from the SQL Store Procedures Langauge statements!

This is not just a language prejudice. It is based on a carefully defined
set of shop standards designed to limit the possiblity of code failures. C
& even more so, C++ are the assembler languages of TODAY. It seems that if
you want really efficient or sophisticated technical facilities, C++ is the
way to go on the AS/400 or any other platform for that manner.

Since we are an Insurance Company, we do not feel that we need the technical
sophistication (most of which is available in JAVA and BTW, running server
side JAVA on the AS/400 is almost as efficient as C++ via the JVM). If I
need sophisticated code we'll do it in JAVA.

We stay with RPG as our primary language for reasons of simple economics and
practicality. That's where the programmers are. We are concerned at the
aging body of RPG programmers and the lack of new people comming into the
field, but that's where a slow migration to JAVA comes to play. Now that
IBM has WebSphere which supports Sun's JAVA Servlet API, I think that JAVA
Servlets are indeed the way to the future. But over 30,000 legacy programs
written in RPG representing millions of lines of code, manhours, and dollars
of development effort demand practical attention. RPG will be with us for
years, JAVA will gradually migrate in, who needs C or C++! Serious hassles,
memory leaks (heck look at every single IBM product and the number of PTF's
required usually to fix "memory leaks"). NO THANKS.

We will leave this type of coding to software development houses who need to
write in C or C++. BTW, we have found that we cannot compete for GOOD C or
C++ programmers. They want to work for IBM, Sun, Microsoft, or other
software development companies, not a boring old Insurance company. These
folks tend to be technical inventors.

Bob C

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Information Needs.

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C on the AS/400


We would like to get some feedback on you uses C or C++ on the AS?400
and why. The quickvote has finally changed on the home page so if you
can click that through.

We are intrested in further thoughts on the matter. Will most people go
past C and onto Java? What do you use C for? Do you use C++?

Thanks Bleddyn

What AS/400 IP services do you run?


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