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Hi folks,

Thought I might share some of my views here:
We are using both Java and C/C++ on a variety of platforms including AS/400.
There's this feeling in IT community that it's an 'either-or' situation. It
isn't. We use Java and C/C++ together with Remote Method Invocation (RMI)
and Java Native Interface(JNI) to call C/C++ applications. For example, we
have written an application that does 'shared-memory' interface into a C/C++
program that runs a time-critical application. The feed for the data comes
over the Web using, you guessed it, Java. Agreed that Java is faster than
before - but it's not a panacea for all your IT problems. What about
bringing your time-tested(legacy?) C/C++ applications and webifying them
without a major rewrite? That's where one can harness the power of both
Java and C/C++. As far as the AS/400 is concerned - till recently we didn't
have an EJB Server and we were pretty much stuck with using nothing but a
hybrid solution comprising of CGI-bin apps written in C/C++ and

- Salim Chandani
Microsoft Certified Professional
Kingland Systems Corporation

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> Bleddyn,
> I for one will not get a C compiler, C++ compiler, then take the time to
> learn C or C++ for MS or AS/400, to only turn around and then learn
> Java.
> The memory management alone is enough to keep me the heck away from C or
> C++.
> Java is catching up to C and C++ in speed, so what's the point. Plus
> that's all the trade press being generated out of IBM, Learn Java or
> die... 8-)
> Just my .02,
> Daniel S. Cochran
> >
> > From: Bleddyn
> >
> > We would like to get some feedback on you uses C or C++ on the AS?400
> > and why. The quickvote has finally changed on the home page so if you
> > can click that through.
> >
> > We are intrested in further thoughts on the matter. Will most people go
> > past C and onto Java? What do you use C for? Do you use C++?
> >
> > Thanks Bleddyn
> >
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> Intrested in putting your point across?

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