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We use both C and RPG.

I would love to use C++, but I have to support V3R1 and C++ will not
target V3R1. In 2000, we will probably raise the bar to V3R2 and at
that point start using C++.

C on the AS/400 is great for a few things. Mainly, porting code from
other platforms. For example, our product (Fax Server/401
www.faxserver401.com ) has a spell checker. This spell checker is
written in C and was ported from the windows/unix world. This port
was much easier than writing a spell checker from scratch in RPG.

We also use C for Sockets programming. I have heard that it is
possible to do sockets in RPG, but it can't be pretty. Use the
appropriate tool for the job.

Also, many of the system API's are much easier to do in C than RPG.

And lastly, some of the "weird" stuff we do is done in C.

That said, probably 95% of our AS/400 code is in RPG. RPG just can't
be beat for green screen or database activity.

Bob Crothers
Cornerstone Communications, LLC

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C on the AS/400


We would like to get some feedback on you uses C or C++ on the AS?400
and why. The quickvote has finally changed on the home page so if you
can click that through.

We are intrested in further thoughts on the matter. Will most people
past C and onto Java? What do you use C for? Do you use C++?

Thanks Bleddyn

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