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Have you checked your MX DNS record? Are you routing mail directly into
your AS/400 or are you routing through a firewall or other front-end? You
might want to download a copy of cyberkit from www.tucows.com (its free).
It is one of the best freeware NSLookup Programs and includes a few other
Internet utilities. See what it tells you about your MX mail record and
where its pointing.

Also look in the "System" directory for the AOL users. You might want to
clean out the generated entries for the AOL users and see if that doesn't
help. AOL uses a bizzare network of proxy servers for everything and does
dynamic IP address assignment. If per chance you have AOL IP addresses
store somewhere that might be causing you problems.

Bob C.

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AS/400 SMTP V4R3 and AOL??

John Myers

Recently we put up a new AS/400 170 with V4R3 & transferred our mail
service (POP & SMTP) to this machine (from V3R7). Immediately, we became
totally unable to send mail to AOL from our AS/400 based domain. We are
receiving mail without problem from AOL & sending from other non-AS/400
based domains to AOL. AS/400 based mail with all other domains has been

We contacted AOL tech support, but only get lame apologies which assume
that they have capacity problems.

I know & have experienced AOL's intermittent mail problems in the past.
This, on the other hand, appears to be a constant situation. Because it
coincided with the installation of the new machine, I wonder if it is tied
to V4R3 in any way?

Anyone have either the same experience or any ideas?

TIA for your help!

John Myers
IBM Certified Specialist - AS/400 Technical Solutions
Strategic Business Systems, Inc.
300 Lake Street, Suite B, Ramsey, NJ 07446 USA
E-mail: mailto:jmyers@sbsusa.com Phone: +1 (201) EASY 400 x131
Web: http://www.sbsusa.com Fax: +1 (201) 327-6984

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