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This is sort of on and off topic as it has to do with journals, but
it is to do with Net.Commerce and Net.Data.

Does anyone understand the process to deleting an SQL collection and
removing the QSQJRN journal and its receivers. I understand you can
do a drop collection and that should get rid of things.

But what I am seeing is that sometimes I end up with the journal being
unable to remove it. It has ended journalling the physical and logical
files and what it seems to be is commitment control? But is there a
simple way to see what job may have control?

I think I have ended all the processes that could have worked with the
collection but still the system tells me I cant delete the objects?
It seems very difficult to track down what could possibly have an
open connection to the DB.

Any thoughts on easy ways to look at this?

Thanks Bleddyn

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