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Try the SNDDST command using the *LMSG parameter. It allows you to send to
up to 300 recipients at once and if you specify *BCC as the type then no
one should see the list of addresses to which you send the message. It
does take a little setup to use the *LMSG parameter, but you only need to
do it once and you can send to any Internet email address.. I think it's
been discussed here in the past, but let me know if you need more info on
the configuration and I'll dig it up.

Hope that helps,
Rod Davis

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edsmith@ibmuser.com (Ed Smith)


Our user group finally got off its collective butt and agreed to use my
web-based User Group Membership Manager (UGMM) application. So now I
have to start filling functional gaps. One of them is the ability to
notify members of upcoming meetings via e-mail.

The AS/400 on which this UGMM software (mostly Net.Data) runs is not yet
configured for e-mail. What I want is to be able to send e-mail to each
member who has opted for this notification method. I don't necessarily
want to receive e-mail on this machine but it's okay if I have to. I
would prefer to send e-mail in one shot rather than one-piece-at-a-time.
I don't want any e-mail address to appear other than the intended
recipient's address. And I want to build this function myself with
built-in OS/400 features rather than buying 3rd party software.

I'm pretty sure all this is possible and I know the IGNITe400 members
have done some pretty cool things with AS/400 e-mail. Any sugestions on
the approach I should use?
Is there anything unrealistic about what I want to do here?

Thanks mucho.

Edward R. Smith
ATS Project Leader mailto:edsmith@ibmuser.com http://www.ibmuser.com/
SMUG Webmaster http://www.ibmuser.com/smug/
AS/400: The only alterNaTive is luck and magic.

What AS/400 IP services do you run?


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