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Can anyone give me some pointers to resources for porting UNIX based C++
apps using TCP/IP to the AS/400? Does anyone know of a redbook? Can anyone
explain what compilers are required and how you set up the physical

Do you need the C++ PRPQ compiler for the AS/400 or can you do all of the
development on the PC using VA/C++ with the AS/400 extensions? If you use
VA/C++ can you describe the development process briefly (i.e. write on the
PC, upload to the 400 compile on the 400, test)????

I tried the PID website, but it is more useless than the general AS/400
website. At least on the regular site if you know where things are you can
find them.

I'm with a vendor who wants to port a killer ap to the AS/400 and need to
provide some direction.

Bob C.


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