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Has anyone noticed that the IBM webserver under V430 is very slow at building
and sending pages if it cannot find images within them? I am doing some work at
the moment where I have a DB of some 2500 products and most have images, but
some are missing.

I am using Net.Data to build a table using START_ROW and doing it 5 at a time. I
find that when all the images exist then the page is returned nice and quick.
But if any of the images dont exists the webserver is very very slow like up to
30-40 seconds and more before it comes back with my page with the missing

I know its not Net.Data because I took the HTML and created a static page and
saw the same thing. I have traced the webserver and it knows the images dont
exists long before it returns the page. I also see the webserver process sitting
in TIMW but using a lot of system resource. Anyone seeing anything similar at
all or can try it and see what they get?

Thanks Bleddyn

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