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First of all, I was told that if you run "Native" domino, you need one of
Rochester's latest boxes or you will get dismal performance. You need the
hardware assists built into the new "A" series.

I always recommend using a seperate AS/400 as a server. I'm trying to post
an article that should be up in a few days on ignite400.org in the
INFOCENTER called "The truth about FIREWALLS!" which at least will open
some eyes.

You should be able to use DRDA or DDM to provide remote access to your
database from the server to the database (production machine.)

Bob C.

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Domino Data Access?



We are planning to deploy Domino for the AS400. If we install Domino on
SYS1, can we access data natively on SYS2 (core business applications)??
SYS1 will be connected to SYS2 via TCPIP/ethernet. Both systems will have
V4R2. I want to use LS:DO to incorporate the AS400 data(SYS2) into Notes
applications(SYS1). How are other shops tackling this? Is it best to run
Domino on it's own 400?? Any incite is appreciated.

currently at a loss,

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What AS/400 IP services do you run?


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