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Is anyone out there running protected front end webservers? Now I know the
AS/400 website does so any information on the exact specs of the machines
that sit there type, disk, main memory? I am working on a proposal for a
site that is going to be performing mission critical processing so must be
available 24*7 and have the performance to match.

I would think about something like a maxed out memory wise 2176 model 170
but my fear is if it gets chosen and then murdered on day 1 there is no
upgrade path. At the same time something like an S40 will cost big bucks and
as with most Internet projects who knows how many people could use the site.
It could get 2 hits an hour or 1 million. How many hits could a 170 take as
standard pages any stats on this?

The box will not really be serving static pages for the most part they will
be dynamic (Net.Data) and existing applications. So are there any good
performance stats floating in IBM? I would also be looking at doing load
balancing on the AS/400's again the 400 site uses this is anyone else? How
easy is this to get set up?

Thanks Bleddyn

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